quarta-feira, 19 de junho de 2013

Duarte's 2nd Birthday Party

We just got here... and because it's only been 2 days, I'll leave you with D's second birthday party (of the year), this time with Portuguese friend! It was.... packed with active giggly kids, awesome food and beautiful people! Thank you all for coming, for your friendship and all the pressies we insisted we didn't want hahaha

 (Duarte's youngest aunty!!!!)
 (Duarte's second youngest aunty)

quarta-feira, 12 de junho de 2013

Love Camping

Why we love camping...

It's not difficult for us to understand how much we love camping, however it's not easy to explain... but I'll try my best to enlighten you and maybe even convince you to try it!

First of all... we always check the weather before leaving... camping in the rain is no fun for anyone... let alone the kids!

Not all of these happen at the same time (obviously...), or even always, but they tend to happen quite often:

While we are camping (tent or camper van) we go to bed at 8pm, and wake up at 7am.

While we are camping we spend more time together.

While we are camping we expect adventures.

While we are camping we try new hobbies.

While we are camping we surf  and swim if near the sea, hike if in the mountain and try to fish when theres water around (never succeeded though!).

While we are camping we eat many times a day, sitting on the ground, surrounded by nature and friends.

While we are camping on winter we get our warm hoodies and love to drink coffee in the early morning outside. Fresh air in the face, warm inside.

While we are camping on summer we sleep uncovered and wake up with the most amazing sunrises (plus some mosquito bites... an extra that we cherish... not)

While we are camping we eat peanut butter, gotta keep the energy level up!

While we are camping we do open fires.

While we meet lots of new species, hang around with Kangaroos, Guanas and Kookaburras.

While we are camping we meditate... and read.

Camping fills my chest with happiness and that's the main reason for me to do it. It makes me as happy as a good surfing session, or a well deserved hug. it is one of the best feelings in the world... for me :)

Here are some photos of last weekend camping down south!

Now we are off to Portugal for well deserved vacations, and a second celebration of D's 2nd Birthday!

Have  great week Xoxo

Vivid Sydney

Festival das luzes em Sydney... todos os anos é um espectáculo diferente, e este ano foi sem duvida o melhor, e mais concorrido... com centenas de milhares de pessoas nos pontos turísticos da cidade a tomarem parte deste evento.

Nós tivemos a sorte de termos uma amiga a querer muito ficar com o D, e fugimos de mota os dois para a cidade, no ultimo fim-de-semana do Vivid Sydney. Jantámos lá numa rulote orgânica, e acabámos a partilhar um super-delicious waffle com nuttela, banana e gelado de nata :)

Já é o terceiro Vivid Sydney a que vamos (falhamos um...), e só tenho a dizer que melhoram de ano para ano!