domingo, 2 de dezembro de 2012

18 months!

Such an important age to celebrate... 1 year and a half of happiness and unconditional love!

We decided to celebrate this day at the pool with friends... and I bought flotties for Duarte. He loved swimming around all day! I had no idea he was so strong and that he would use them so naturally.

The following day (saturday) he heat increased even more, and we decided to spend the day in family, in Parsley Bay. A Bay beach in Vaucluse, 5 mins from home, ideal for kids. There's a big lawn, a playground and the water in pretty shallow. Once again... he loved spending the day swimming around and showing of to daddy.
My goodness they became independent so quickly, can anyone try and freeze this moments please? :)
The pictures don't give it justice... it was such a great day!

Happy 'Birthday' Baby D!