quinta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2009

Week XXI

After a whole morning of cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing, here I am to tell you some little things about this week!
(no way you're gonna see a picture of me doing this)

We still work out with Wii Fit Yoga every morning before going to work, or going to the library for some study, and I'm still thanking everybody for our beautiful wedding gifts (I don't think it will ever have an end thanks to you guys :) ). So, beside this, every week is a new week!

As Francisca had a marketing exam to do so she can finish her master degree, she was prompted to take a flight to Portugal, leaving us all sad and missing her. The weather didn't help too. It was grey and water trickling from the sky making us feeling even sadder... anyway! Good luck Fran!
The bad weather didn't last long though, and today it's sunny and a warm 3o degrees!

After many bureaucracies I finally enrolled for the combined degree: Master of Architecture/ Master of sustainable development in built environment. It isn't easy to get accepted, so I'm keeping my expectations low and continuing to study for my English Exam next month !

Also this week we decided to have a quiet and relaxed dinner in cosy little Japanese restaurant near Double Bay, but our plans backfired when we got in and almost had our eardrums pierced with some Australian female tone!
Their high pitched resounding voices had everybody eating with a hand on their ear. I know... It sounds like a nightmare... but it is not over!
10 minutes after they left, the cook breaks all the plates in the kitchen, and when we were almost finishing our great food (the dishes were really good) our neighbour broke a glass of wine on the table! At that point we all started laughing and the guy says "Keeping the noise level up!". hahaha
It was a memorable dinner...

At last but not least, I wrote my first Post in English! (noticed?!)
hope you didn't get bored and I sure hope you don't send me a mammoth amount of comments correcting me (For that I already have Pedro...)! Next time will be better!