terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2009

Become a Donor

Two week ago we decided to become blood donors and maybe save a life or two... so yesterday, we did it.After a good breakfast and drinking 1,5L of water, we went to the Australian Red Cross, near Martin Place, and filed an amount of papers. Afterwards we went to separated offices aiming to be interviewed, and finally we went to a big space, full of seats, where I sat astounded and appalled while an enormous needle was stuck into our veins, to fill two containers with blood. A little one for analyses, and a bigger one for donating. Did I make you shudder?! haha It doens't hurt at all...
In the end we were given a bag with something to eat (cookies, chips, chocolate) and a milkshake to drink! It's important to be hydrated.

You can give blood every three months, and our next time will be 21 December.
It's an amazing experience. It feels right, and it feels good! So... it's our time to say "Give Blood, save life"