domingo, 13 de dezembro de 2009

Any Ideas?

I present to you our new house... a campervan Toyota Hiace!!! haha
After 2 weeks shopping around we made our mind and bought this campervan for our future road trips.
well... no...It isn't our new house.. however, in case we don't find a house to live... we still have a place to stay! haha
I'll leave you some images of the Toyota's interior. 3D, layout during the day, and nights layout.

The campervan is equipped with fridge, microwaves, sink, grill and shower. During the day, we have two big benches to sit and two tables (one inside, and a smaller one outside).In the night the benches are transformed in a huge double bed, and in the "first floor", we have another bed, for one more adult or two children.As you can see it is quite spacious!
And now... the difficult part... how to paint it... and THAT is why we need your help!
I want to paint the outside somehow. I can paint it all blue, yellow, ... or I can torn it into a lady bug, a bee, a zebra, etc...
Any ideas?! The most voted one will probably win, so please be creative and leave a comment with your opinion! Leave it even if you agree to leave it like it is now, white.
Looking forward to see your messages!!